Women’s Kickboxing : Women’s Kickboxing: Upward Elbow Strike

The upward elbow strike comes up from underneath and strikes the bottom of the chin. Learn how to throw an upward elbow strike in this free video on women’s kickboxing.

Expert: Linda Josefsson
Bio: Linda Josefsson is a 3rd degree black belt in tae kwon do and has taught martial arts, boxing and kickboxing for 15 plus years at the Billy Blanks World Training Center in Sherman Oaks, Calif.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


O. k.  we’re now going to move onto a series of elbow strikes starting with the up elbow strike o. k. ; it moves from underneath and up toward the persons chin.  Now the part of your arm you want to hit with; the part of your elbow is the two inches starting from-the tip of your elbow and up right here, it’s the hardest bone in that arm and as we move into it keep that hand close to your ear o. k. ; don’t let it come out far away from your body,you’re going to hurt your shoulder.

We start off in a staggered stance just like we did on the punches; o. k.  both hands up, you’re going to step in toward that target; same as the uppercut you got to bend your legs.  So we move in toward the target; it goes from the floor and up toward the ceiling on a straight line, we want to use those hips and turn up toward that bag or toward your opponent striking with that part of the elbow; look at my hand,your finger should be facing your ear o. k. ; come back into position.

We’re going to do that one more time; starting in a staggered stance, hands are up; you’re taking a step in toward your opponent, bend your knees already here; start rotating those hips and strike-right there to the chin.  O. k.  we’re going to speed it up just a little bit so you take that step in; go right underneath right away and come back medium speed, step in; nice strike.  Now when I want to put full force behind that I really want to use those hips;nice and tight and right underneath o. k.

Next we’re going to do slow motion on a target;starting with our hands up, staggered stance; now we have an actual target so we will be able to demonstrate it exactly the way you would hit a person, you’re going to step in;make sure you come from underneath, keep that elbow tucked still don’t lift it up to the side.  So actually completed that turn of the hip; look at how my hand is staying close to my ear as my elbow drives up threw that chin, you have a strike right there and comeback to original position.  So one more time slow; step in, come from underneath; turn that hip into the target, drive through the target and come back to original position.

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