Women’s Kickboxing : Women’s Kickboxing: Hook Punch

Learn the proper hook punch in Kickboxing and prevent damaging the shoulder. Learn how to throw a hook punch in this free video on women’s kickboxing.

Expert: Linda Josefsson
Bio: Linda Josefsson is a 3rd degree black belt in tae kwon do and has taught martial arts, boxing and kickboxing for 15 plus years at the Billy Blanks World Training Center in Sherman Oaks, Calif.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

O. k.  We’re moving on to the hook.  The next the punch, in our series of punches.  O. k. Same thing.  You want to start in that staggered stance.  Hands are up.  Now the most common mistake, people make throwing a hook is that they want to make a nice wide swing.  O. k. If you do that, you’re going to wreck your shoulder completely.  Coming from, with all that momentum.  And without having your body behind it.  So keep very close attention to how my body and my hips move with this punch.

O. k.  You’re going to step in toward that target. Now my elbow still stays down.  But as I’m turning, it comes up, just a little bit.  So it’s not a big swing.  The arm never goes behind the body.  What brings it around, is the movement of the hip.  O. k.  So one more time, I’m going to step in toward that target.  As I’m turning that hip, elbow comes up.  And I’m throwing that punch.  So no wide swings.  And again,first two knuckles.  So keep that fist nice and tight.

One more time, step in.  Nice and quick.  O. k.  Now full speed.  So you want to take, make a nice, quick little step.  And nice turn of the hip.  The faster you can turn your hip, the faster and more power that punch is going to have.  So we take a step in.  And we turn.  O. k.  And come back to position.  One more time, step in.  Bring that hip around, come back to position.  O. k.  We’re going to demonstrate on the target next, slow motion.

O. k. , slow motion.  I want to show you howto move your hips.  And where to hit and also the two different levels, you can throw this punch.  Now you want to take that front foot step, over a little bit.  So you have room to turn with that hip.  Now this punch can go either to the ribs or it can go to the face.  So you have two.  Now we’re going low.  Rib cage, you got to sit a little lower with your legs.  You cannot stand straight.  You try to punch.  You actually have to get down there and turn.  But the hip turns the same way.  Come back.

Now if you choose to go to the face, you step in.  Still the same turn.  Side of the face, right to the jaw.  Just make sure that the wrist stays straight and that the knuckles are nice and straight, also. So you don’t break your wrist.  The other hand should stay up by your face, the whole time. So I’m going to do both punches.  One to the rib cage.  Two, one to the face right there. So that’s our hook.  Next, up elbow strike.

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