Women’s Kickboxing : Women’s Kickboxing: Downward Elbow Strike

A kickboxer throws a downward elbow strike when an opponent is on the ground. Learn how to throw a downward elbow strike in this free video on women’s kickboxing.

Expert: Linda Josefsson
Bio: Linda Josefsson is a 3rd degree black belt in tae kwon do and has taught martial arts, boxing and kickboxing for 15 plus years at the Billy Blanks World Training Center in Sherman Oaks, Calif.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

O. k.  the last one out of the elbow strikes is the down elbow strike; this is ideally if a person is already on the ground where you have easy access o. k.  So we have a person down on the ground; I’m going to demonstrate first just the movement, you’re going to start with the staggered stance; both hands are up, now to generate power for that for the strike what’s going to happen is the hand striking is going to make a circle that’s going to close and you’re going to drop that body weight straight down on your target. The difference between the other elbow strikes an now is we’re striking the part behind your elbow toward your triceps area; that’s the, the part of your elbow that’s going to hit your target right now.

So start right here; as we move in toward that opponent male a circle, tighten that wrist up and strike; I want to drop my whole body weight down over that person.  O. k.  one more time slow; I’m going to step in, make a full circle and close that hand and drop my body down.  Now I’m going to demonstrate; we have a target here, o. k. somebody’s already on their knees; o. k.  I can be in the front of him and I can do the same thing, ideally I want to hold onto my target to control him.  O. k.  I’m going to step in; I’m going to strike down to the nose straight in, drop my body weight.

It also works if you have a person; you’re behind him, you want to have a nice tight grip of that head;you actually want to pull the neck back and the head back so when you hit you hit over the nose, the ridge of the nose.  So one more time and drop that elbow straight down over the person; o. k.  so that’s our down elbow strike.  Next we’re going to work on some slipping and dodging punches.

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