Women’s Kickboxing Kicks : Women’s Kickboxing: Back Kick

Martial artists must keep their eyes on the opponent when doing a back kick. Learn how to do a back kick in this free video on women’s kickboxing techniques.

Expert: Linda Josefsson
Bio: Linda Josefsson is a 3rd degree black belt in tae kwon do and has taught martial arts, boxing and kickboxing for 15 plus years at the Billy Blanks World Training Center in Sherman Oaks, Calif.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Alright back kick; it’s a little bit different from all the other kicks, you’re going to be facing the opposite direction; your positioning is a little bit different.  O. k.  we have our target right here; first thing we’re going to do, spin our head around o. k.  It’s the hardest thing to do but it’s so important because your body is going to follow where your head is going.  Because when we keep our eyes on that target we spin our head around;you want to see that target right away after you spin.  O. k.  same spot that you were looking at before; now look at my feet, they’re even and my butt is toward the target; now that leg that the right leg is going to go straight into that target with the heel o. k. , I’m going to come back to that starting position.

One more time; I want to turn my butt to the target,I want to spin my head around so I’m going to focus on one spot on that bag and I want to look at that spot again.  Now make sure that you’re leaning o. k. ; you cannot stand like this and kick, you’re going to hurt your back; look at the target, lean back; dig it up heel into the bag, come back to position.

Now as you turn make sure you bring your head and then comes the shoulders o. k. , so I focus on that bag; as I turn I lean and I bring that shoulder up, you don’t want to be facing the floor with your chest; that shoulder has to come all the way up so that you can see your target besides if you hold it down like this, now you’re kicking with your lower back o. k.  As that shoulder come ups you’re automatically activating your obliques; you’re kicking with your stomach and your glute which is what you want to do o. k.

Now when you speed it up you’re still touch the floor so you’re going to go tap; kick, come back o. k.  One more time tap; kick, come back now if you want to add it without touching the foot to the floor you can go straight into the kick;back kick o. k.  Alright our next kick is going to be a jumping back kick.

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