TOP 3 Most BRUTAL Fight Finishers | How to Fight

►How to fight and finish quickly depends on where you punch the body. If you get this right you could end a fight in seconds. This how to fight video shows the top 3 most brutal man stoppers. Easy self defense techniques that inflict pain on your attacker. These literally end an attack but you must use them in self defense.

How to end a fight in seconds at close range using some simple Wing Chun techniques. This martial art relies on the idea of multiple strikes or punches in order to overwhelm an attacker with with punches thrown from different angles.

These are some simple ideas to teach you how to fight a bigger or stronger person by knowing exactly where to punch the body with some very simple beginners Wing Chun techniques used for self defence applications. This is everything you need to know about for simple self defence in a street fight especially when your back is against the wall.

This Wing Chun video follows on from our video on how to defend yourself when pushed against a wall. With these basic techniques you can defend yourself against someone bigger or stronger.

In this week’s video we discuss how to inflict pain and overwhelm your attacker in self defence, what mistakes to avoid, and how to turn the tables on a stronger attacker using some basic ideas from Wing Chun. Martial Arts is a great thing to learn to defend yourself.

  • Step 1. Remember to always hit soft targets. The throat, nose, groin are ideal, but there are other targets to consider in self defence.
  • Step 2. Follow up with multiple strikes in order to keep the person off you, make sure that you hit different parts of the body quickly and hard.
  • Step 3. Always run afterwards. Once you strike you must find the first opportunity to run away from your attacker.

How to Fight | Where to PUNCH to End a Fight in Seconds

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