TOP 10 Martial arts most effective the best self defense

TOP 10 most effective MARTIAL ARTS self defense video. Taekwondo Karate Krav Maga Wing CHun Jeet kune do kung fu jiu-jitsu Kickboks muay thai Aikido Video about top most effective martial arts all the time. Short review for the best martial arts. The best self defance martial arts Martial arts that is most popular as […]

KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to escape from Muay Thai knees

KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to escape from Muay Thai knees. Real techniques for raw street fights and and bare knuckles fights – escape from Muay Thai clinch and knees. Starring: Luca Goffi • Brescia (Italy)

High Kick in the Street Fight. Does it work? How to Fight. Self Defense Techniques with English Subs

Get Your Personal Training Program Here: It is a kick to the head that is often used in a street fight. Today we are going to introduce you the defense against high kick in a street fight. So, a kick to the head in a street fight. You have often seen how it is shown […]

Beginner Pad Work Tutorial – Kickboxing Pad Holding, Common Mistakes, Correct Technique and Workout

Beginner pad holding tutorial. You will learn common mistakes to avoid, correct technique, and you have a basic kickboxing workout to try. It’s important to learn correct pad holding, to avoid injuries, and to improve workouts. A good pad holder will make your workout great again, but a poor pad holder will break it! I’ve […]

Tutorial como vendarse las manos para entrenar deportes de contacto – Enrique Wasabi

Enrique Marín “Wasabi”, finalista del The Ultimate Fighter Latinoamérica 2 y luchador en UFC 200 nos enseña como hacer un vendaje para entrenamiento diario, rápido, y de forma correcta, válido para cualquier deporte de golpeo como MMA, Boxeo, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai…

Side Kick Tutorial and 3 Drills for Height, Speed and Power | Effective Martial Arts

The side kick is one of the most powerful kicks in martial arts, great for defense, as well as offense. Patrick Fulop offers you detailed instruction, along with 3 powerful drills to increase the height, speed, and strength of your side kicks. Enjoy! Live instruction on the Effective Martial Arts (TM) curriculum is currently only […]