AFN Yongsan – Krav Maga

Krav Maga has been the latest kick in martial arts over the past decade. Army Sergeant Ricky Perez shows you the interesting world of Krav Maga. When it comes to protecting oneself, martial arts is a common approach. A style called Krav Maga has gained a lot of popularity. It is a self defense system. […]

How to Do a Side Kick | Krav Maga Defense

Nutella Bread Recipe: Like these Krav Maga Tutorials !!! Check out the official app Want more techniques for Contact Combat? Mastering Krav Maga (Volume I): Krav Maga: Real World Solutions to Real World Violence Paperback: Krav Maga for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide: Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide: Krav Maga: An Essential Guide to the […]

TOP 10 Martial arts most effective the best self defense

TOP 10 most effective MARTIAL ARTS self defense video. Taekwondo Karate Krav Maga Wing CHun Jeet kune do kung fu jiu-jitsu Kickboks muay thai Aikido Video about top most effective martial arts all the time. Short review for the best martial arts. The best self defance martial arts Martial arts that is most popular as […]

Self Defense Classes | Krav Maga New York | Self Defense Training | Westchester County

Authentic Krav Maga self defense classes at Krav Maga New York. Get the best self defense training from certified Krav Maga professionals and be ready to defend yourself in any situation while getting fit in the process. Classes for men, women and children of all ages, seven days a week. Krav Maga New york is […]