TOP 10 Martial arts most effective the best self defense

TOP 10 most effective MARTIAL ARTS self defense video. Taekwondo Karate Krav Maga Wing CHun Jeet kune do kung fu jiu-jitsu Kickboks muay thai Aikido Video about top most effective martial arts all the time. Short review for the best martial arts. The best self defance martial arts Martial arts that is most popular as […]

Learn How to Build a Grappling Dummy in just 5 Minutes

So maybe you aren’t a handy man, but you really need a training partner at your home or gym… Search no more! This clear guide will barely make you think! 1:31 Step 1: Drawing the Outlines 1:47 Step 2: Measuring Body Part Sets 1:53 Step 3: Cutting the Cables 2:03 Step 4: Measuring your Body […]

How to Do the Triangle Choke | MMA Fighting

All right, guys. Now what we’re going to do is talk about one of the most common submissions off your back, the triangle choke. First of all, I want to get to a position of strength. I’m not going to jump right into the triangle. I’m going to go to what we call the pre-triangle […]