Huge Man vs French Woman Mixed Jiu-jitsu Wrestling

Former Pancrase Commentator for UFC Fight Pass! Always looking for new Color Commentating or Coaching Job I spend a lot of time in Tokyo Formerly Plz Sub to & NOW MAKE SURE to ALSO RE-SUBscribe to the NEW Channel also Named where All my Combatives/Russian Martial Arts stuff is, my fighter interviews […]

Learn How to Build a Grappling Dummy in just 5 Minutes

So maybe you aren’t a handy man, but you really need a training partner at your home or gym… Search no more! This clear guide will barely make you think! 1:31 Step 1: Drawing the Outlines 1:47 Step 2: Measuring Body Part Sets 1:53 Step 3: Cutting the Cables 2:03 Step 4: Measuring your Body […]

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tutorial

BJJ tutorial with Alex Varona. Techniques and combat with a blue belt in BJJ.