Learn How to Build a Grappling Dummy in just 5 Minutes

So maybe you aren’t a handy man, but you really need a training partner at your home or gym… Search no more! This clear guide will barely make you think!

1:31 Step 1: Drawing the Outlines
1:47 Step 2: Measuring Body Part Sets
1:53 Step 3: Cutting the Cables
2:03 Step 4: Measuring your Body
2:08 Step 5: Cutting Pipes
2:26 Step 6: Drilling the Holes
2:45 Step 7: Cutting Ropes
2:25 Step 8: Cables through Pipes
3:02 Step 9: Atatching Joints
3:30 Step 10: Filling Up
3:47 Step 11: Ductapin’
4:17 Step 12: Dressing and Enjoying!

Things you’ll need:
– Thick cable (3 mts. / 10 ft.)
– PVC Pipes (3,5 mts. long and a 5 cm. diameter / 11,5 ft. long and a 2 in. diameter)
– 2 PVC “T” Joints (of equal diameter than the PVC Pipes)
– 2 PVC “Elbow” Joints (of equal diameter than the PVC Pipes)
– Rope (3 mts. / 10 ft. long, diameter depends on what is used to drill the holes)
– Lighter or any other fire source
– 6 or 7 Duct-tapes
– Wadding (or anything you can find to fill the dummy)
– Saw (or something to cut PVC pipes)
– Fabric (the cheapest is recommended, since it’s just to draw on it)
– Pen
– Masking tape
– Scissors (or any other cutting tool)
– GI/Clothing (for the dummy to wear) *optional

Let me know if you couldn’t follow any part of this tutorial and I’ll get to you as soon as possible. Also, you can show everyone your finished product, and how you had to improvise maybe! Just leave us a comment below.


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