High Kick in the Street Fight. Does it work? How to Fight. Self Defense Techniques with English Subs

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It is a kick to the head that is often used in a street fight. Today we are going to introduce you the defense against high kick in a street fight. So, a kick to the head in a street fight.

You have often seen how it is shown in movies and videos. And of course you know the greater strength of this terrible high kick. Anyone can be easily knocked down by this kick.

Anybody of the guys that Alex has learned could take part in this video. But let’s look at how this kick can be applied in practice. I begin my kick and Alex only steps forward with one fast imperceptible movement. And each time my attack finished very badly for me. Again and again.


You see that such kick can be effective only in action movies. Never use a high kick in a street fight! Because the defense against such high kick is very easy. Your opponent just steps forward and you lost. Now you know how to protect yourself against high kick. This knowledge increases your chances to win in a street fight.

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