Clark’s Boxing Gym: Hand Wrap Tutorial

Hey guys! My name’s Kayla, and I’m a Box Master instructor, and today I’m going to show you how to wrap your hands which is really important because in order to take Box Master you have to have hand wraps and gloves. You start with just one hand wrap, and you unwrap it all they way. You want to start with your palm down.  So now that we have our hand wrap unraveled we’re gonna start wrapping our wrist.  So when we wrap our wrist we always want to have this side down facing us so we can read it.

We’re gonna start by putting our thumb in this loop reading this side down, and remembering to always wrap away from our body. So I’m going to take this side down, and bring it over across my wrist.  From here I have a slight pull and I’m going to wrap my wrist three times. If you notice, I’m bringing this wrist wrap up and over so I don’t have to move my hand a lot. From here we’ve done three times, so we’re going to take this wrap up by the pinky. And wrap three times around those knuckles.  From here we’re going to go ahead and bring it back down by that thumband begin making those “X”s.  So we’re starting from the farthest of our pinky, and working in towards our pointer finger.  This is the first part of the “X”and I complete that “X” by going down by our pointer finger and thumb and wrapping away from that body.

Again we’re doing the same thing through the next finger, down by that thumb, and completing that “X”We do this one more time, starting that “X”and completing it. From here, we’re gonna flip that palm up.  Wrap and lock that thumb in.  SO we’re going from the outside of the thumb towards the inside, and then we’re flipping that palm back down, and always wrapping away from that wrist.  From here we’re just gonna go ahead and wrap that wrist three times, giving a slight pullbut nothing too tight, and then going up by that pinky wrapping those knuckles three times.  And you’re going to continue doing this until the end of our wrist wrap. Three times up by that pinky. And if you notice, my wraps are starting to get a little shorter So I might just do two times here, or even one and bring it down by the wrist, completing my wrist wrap, making sure that velcro is up. If the velcro is down, you can always flip it. And that’s how you wrap your wrist. As a friendly reminder, you do have to have wraps and gloves when using the Star Trac Box Master, and the numbers are for punches only.  So the numbers on the targets you can only punch no kicks.

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