Traditional Martial Arts

How to Fight Someone Stronger 2 – Wing Chun

How to Fight Someone Stronger 2- Wing Chun Wednesday Ep20 What is Daily Fillup? ========================================­=== ========================================­=== In this tutorial on how to fight someone stronger and bigger than you, we break down how to survive a fight with speed, moving into the opponents space, and being smart with some wing chun basics. Make sure to […]

Wing Chun (咏春) – Seven Sense (七朵) 🌺 Dance Tutorial German

Fächertanz zum Lied “wing chun” () von Seven Sense. 1.Getanzte Version (zum Spiegel und zum Publikum) 2.Gezählt Version; im Anschluss Erläuterungen zum Tanz (nicht im Detail) 3. Allgemeine Hinweise (Fächer und Bewegung) Für den Tanzkurs Mittwochs von 18-19 Uhr. #TheCrystals Wenn weiterhin Fragen bestehen, einfach mich im Kurs ansprechen. Im Video sind NICHT alle Details […]

How to Do Block and Counter Techniques | Karate Lessons

  Okay, so for block and counter techniques I am going to use the format of Ippon Kumite; one step basic pair work. We are going to vary the distance so the first set you will see will have the middle distance of the punching. The second set you will see will have a closer […]

How to Do a Front Kick | Karate Lessons

  The first kick we learn in is the front kick, or. It’s a snapping kick, and there’s an important distinction between snap and thrust. When you thrust something, like the punch, the upper limb is behind the technique. When you snap something, like a front kick, the pivotal joint, the knee, or the elbow […]

How to Do a Roundhouse Kick | Karate Lessons

The roundhouse kick of (?) karate is called (?). And as the name suggests, it comes around and hits the target to the side. When we’re developing it with our basics, we’re going to hit with the ball of the foot. During sparring with our partners in the dojo, we use the top of the […]

Wing Chun Techniques Explained for Beginners – Ip Man Basics

Wing Chun Techniques Explained for Beginners – Ip Man Basics! How to Get in Shape Physically and Financially: ========================================­=== In this tutorial on Wing Chun Techniques Explained for Beginners – Ip Man Basics, we talk about the basic ideas behind the Wing Chun system and how they apply to real fighting as opposed to training. […]

Video Wing Chun – Tutorial 2.3 – Chum Chi – Generando energía desde el centro

En este video de Ving Tsun o Wing Tsun el Maestro Marcelo Navarro Fernández nos muestra como a través de ocupar el centro o línea central en Wing Chun Kung Fu, logro generar mayor energía.

Video de Wing Chun: Tutorial 3.1 – Reocupar el Centro con Energía de Codo alto

Video de Wing Chun: En este tutorial el Maestro Marcelo Navarro Fernández muestra la alternativa de la recuperación del centro a través de la energía de codo alto. Esta noción está caracterizada por el dispositivos Gwan Sao en el Sistema Ving Tsun o Wing Chun de Kung Fu.

Tutoría 4.2 – Paak Da – Limpieza y Ocupación del Centro

En este Video Tutorial veremos la importancia de saber cómo limpiar el centro y luego saber como ocupar y disparar a través de la línea central. Esta noción es llamada de Paak Da en el contexto del Sistema Ving Tsun o Wing Chun de Kung Fu.

How to Do Side Kicks | Karate Lessons

  I’m going to show two side-kicks that we have in Shotokan karate. The snapping side-kick, the yoko geri keage, and the thrusting sidekick, the yoko geri kekomi. The important difference is the knee positioning, and a little bit, the emphasis of the hip, as well. The thrust-kick is more powerful and more penetrative, but […]