Street Fight

Top Self-Defense Moves | Karate Lessons

  Today I’m going to do a few different self-defense moves. Obviously with self-defense the variables are tremendous so the first one will be a simple take down and a submission. The others will be quick strikes. So they’re quite different in the approach. So for the first one if someone grabs you strongly here. […]

How to Do Block and Counter Techniques | Karate Lessons

  Okay, so for block and counter techniques I am going to use the format of Ippon Kumite; one step basic pair work. We are going to vary the distance so the first set you will see will have the middle distance of the punching. The second set you will see will have a closer […]

How to Do a Roundhouse Kick | Karate Lessons

The roundhouse kick of (?) karate is called (?). And as the name suggests, it comes around and hits the target to the side. When we’re developing it with our basics, we’re going to hit with the ball of the foot. During sparring with our partners in the dojo, we use the top of the […]

TOP 3 Most BRUTAL Fight Finishers | How to Fight

►How to fight and finish quickly depends on where you punch the body. If you get this right you could end a fight in seconds. This how to fight video shows the top 3 most brutal man stoppers. Easy self defense techniques that inflict pain on your attacker. These literally end an attack but you […]

How to Do Side Kicks | Karate Lessons

  I’m going to show two side-kicks that we have in Shotokan karate. The snapping side-kick, the yoko geri keage, and the thrusting sidekick, the yoko geri kekomi. The important difference is the knee positioning, and a little bit, the emphasis of the hip, as well. The thrust-kick is more powerful and more penetrative, but […]

Women’s Kickboxing Kicks : Women’s Kickboxing: Back Leg Groin Kick

Women can use the back leg groin kick to strike an attacker in self-defense. Learn how to do a back leg groin kick in this free video on women’s kickboxing techniques. Expert: Linda Josefsson Bio: Linda Josefsson is a 3rd degree black belt in tae kwon do and has taught martial arts, boxing and kickboxing […]

TOP 3 MISTAKES that Get People KNOCKED OUT [Real Street Fight Knockout Compilation & Analysis]

Street fight knockout compilation with breakdown analysis of the 3 Worst Mistakes people make a real street fight. WARNING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. This week we take a documentary style approach in how to defend yourself in a fight when facing extreme violence. Here’s how to avoid getting knocked out in one punch […]

How to Do a Front Kick | Karate Lessons

  The first kick we learn in is the front kick, or. It’s a snapping kick, and there’s an important distinction between snap and thrust. When you thrust something, like the punch, the upper limb is behind the technique. When you snap something, like a front kick, the pivotal joint, the knee, or the elbow […]

Women’s Kickboxing Kicks : Women’s Kickboxing: Thrusting Knee Strike

Kickboxers can use the thrusting knee strike for groin and stomach strikes in self-defense situations. Watch this free martial arts video to learn how to do a thrusting knee strike for kickboxing self-defense. Expert: Linda Josefson Bio: Linda Josefsson is a 3rd degree black belt in tae kwon do and has been teaching martial arts, […]

Wing Chun Techniques Explained for Beginners – Ip Man Basics

Wing Chun Techniques Explained for Beginners – Ip Man Basics! How to Get in Shape Physically and Financially: ========================================­=== In this tutorial on Wing Chun Techniques Explained for Beginners – Ip Man Basics, we talk about the basic ideas behind the Wing Chun system and how they apply to real fighting as opposed to training. […]