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How to Fight Someone Stronger 2 – Wing Chun

How to Fight Someone Stronger 2- Wing Chun Wednesday Ep20 What is Daily Fillup? ========================================­=== ========================================­=== In this tutorial on how to fight someone stronger and bigger than you, we break down how to survive a fight with speed, moving into the opponents space, and being smart with some wing chun basics. Make sure to […]

Wing Chun (咏春) – Seven Sense (七朵) 🌺 Dance Tutorial German

Fächertanz zum Lied “wing chun” () von Seven Sense. 1.Getanzte Version (zum Spiegel und zum Publikum) 2.Gezählt Version; im Anschluss Erläuterungen zum Tanz (nicht im Detail) 3. Allgemeine Hinweise (Fächer und Bewegung) Für den Tanzkurs Mittwochs von 18-19 Uhr. #TheCrystals Wenn weiterhin Fragen bestehen, einfach mich im Kurs ansprechen. Im Video sind NICHT alle Details […]

TOP 3 Most BRUTAL Fight Finishers | How to Fight

►How to fight and finish quickly depends on where you punch the body. If you get this right you could end a fight in seconds. This how to fight video shows the top 3 most brutal man stoppers. Easy self defense techniques that inflict pain on your attacker. These literally end an attack but you […]

TOP 3 MISTAKES that Get People KNOCKED OUT [Real Street Fight Knockout Compilation & Analysis]

Street fight knockout compilation with breakdown analysis of the 3 Worst Mistakes people make a real street fight. WARNING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. This week we take a documentary style approach in how to defend yourself in a fight when facing extreme violence. Here’s how to avoid getting knocked out in one punch […]

Video de Wing Chun: Tutorial 3.1 – Reocupar el Centro con Energía de Codo alto

Video de Wing Chun: En este tutorial el Maestro Marcelo Navarro Fernández muestra la alternativa de la recuperación del centro a través de la energía de codo alto. Esta noción está caracterizada por el dispositivos Gwan Sao en el Sistema Ving Tsun o Wing Chun de Kung Fu.

Tutoría 4.2 – Paak Da – Limpieza y Ocupación del Centro

En este Video Tutorial veremos la importancia de saber cómo limpiar el centro y luego saber como ocupar y disparar a través de la línea central. Esta noción es llamada de Paak Da en el contexto del Sistema Ving Tsun o Wing Chun de Kung Fu.

Wing Chun Techniques Explained for Beginners – Ip Man Basics

Wing Chun Techniques Explained for Beginners – Ip Man Basics! How to Get in Shape Physically and Financially: ========================================­=== In this tutorial on Wing Chun Techniques Explained for Beginners – Ip Man Basics, we talk about the basic ideas behind the Wing Chun system and how they apply to real fighting as opposed to training. […]

Video Wing Chun – Tutorial 2.3 – Chum Chi – Generando energía desde el centro

En este video de Ving Tsun o Wing Tsun el Maestro Marcelo Navarro Fernández nos muestra como a través de ocupar el centro o línea central en Wing Chun Kung Fu, logro generar mayor energía.