Boxing Focus Mitts – Beginners – Boxing Lessons

Welcome to Mosley Boxing and I’m your host Joel Mosley and this
Is just a quick boxing lesson tutorial for beginner
In boxing. This video is closed caption for your convinuence. The total Transcript below.

Hand with a weave followed up with the right hand counter-punch. Notice when he does throw the right hand

He weaves under nether the counter left hook or move it towards it.

Then he throws his own right hand over the top of the left hook that he just evaded.

Now we are working on a left jab
Followed by a straight right cross

Then immediately weave under your opponents left hook

Now this student hasn’t had a fight and doesn’t know if he wants to.

However, this is an excellent way to get in shape and feel powerful

His elbows are in tight protecting his ribs and he has his hands up next to his cheeks!

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