Biggest Mistake You Can Make in a Fight

► What is the biggest mistake you can make in a street fight? What is your guess on that? Is it awareness? Is it some sort of fighting technique? Is it being telegraphic in your fighting moves or is it something else?

Well yes, certainly awareness is one of the key points to your personal safety. But what about if you’re already engaged in a street argument with someone being verbally aggressive with you?

In a heated argument with someone, your biggest mistake in a street fight will often be your ego. Yes, your ego will often get in the way, and will make you thing that you might regret later.

It’s letting your ego getting in the way and not giving you the chance to verbally defuse the situation that can be dangerous for you.

The best tip we can give you, is to not let emotions get in your way… You are way safer by trying to defuse the situation and avoid fighting if you can.

Getting into a fight is not something you want. If you think about it, why would you risk getting injured for silly reasons? Also, think about the legal consequences of you getting into a fight.

A good tip, is to keep your calm and stay in control at all times. Use verbal tactics to defuse the argument and escape the situation safely.

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